Student Spotlight - Graduating Seniors and Graduate Students


Chris Bateman - This summer I am going to be an intern for Sufco. When I graduate in December I'm thinking about applying for hired mercenary positions, as well as mining engineering positions.

Dillon Cadwell - During my time in the Mining Engineering Department I have really enjoyed the small class sizes. It was easier to get to know your professors and get along with them.

Spencer Callahan - I will be working for Mach Mining under Foresight Energy in Illinois. I will start the job doing time studies. My favorite thing was interacting with the teachers, and the small classes. I also enjoyed spending time with my friends I made through the program, even though most of the time was spent doing homework.

Alex Crane -

Aaron Dalley - I am planning on working at the Bingham Canyon Mine as an intern this Summer and if all goes well would like to continue working there after I finish my fall schedule.  Amy and I plan on living were ever we can so that I can gain valuable field experience to help diversify my mining engineering capabilities.  I will continue my education by pursing my PE certification and an MBA.  My favorite part of the Mining Engineering program is the tight comradery we all have. I have enjoyed the entire time I have attended the program.  The professors and staff are absolutely fa nominal and are great to learn from because of real world experience and sharp engineering skills.

Ty Johnson - I will be working for Rio Tinto Kennecott Utah Copper upon graduation. I have been working for them since Summer of 2012. My plans after graduation is to stick around Utah to work, snowboard, and enjoy being done with school. My favorite part of the mining department was the small class size, the professors, and the staff.

Sheldon Kargis - An internship is lined up this summer with Monsanto in Soda Springs, Idaho. If they offer a job after I graduate in December, then I'll most likely go there. My two favorite things about the department are the tight knit camaraderie among students and the faculty & staff that is focused on employment.

Tex Kubacki -

Andrew Nielsen - I have been working at Millcreek Engineering over the past year and am planning to work there over the summer. I have really enjoyed my time there and hope to continue to work there after after I graduate in December.  Millcreek specializes in bulk material handling design. I have two favorites about the Mining program. I feel that several members of the faculty really care about students and really put forth an effort to teach us the things we need to know.  I also feel like the program tries to find employment and scholarship opportunities for all of the students. This is really nice. 

Mini Park - I plan to contribute to the development of mining industry as a graduate of U of U. Some day, I want to become a professor for new mining generation. I am working for the Korean government company, Kores, as a manager. I am mainly in charge of mining project evaluation & investment decision. The Mining Engineering Department at the U is a friendly, family feeling department. it was one of reasons why I applied to the graduate program.

Jay Rentsendorj -

Richard Rowe - My plans include spending some quality time with my wife and children and looking for a job.  I really enjoyed the friendships that I have made and the instruction from the professors in the Mining Engineering Department.

Erik Spencer - I will be moving to Tuscaloosa AL to work for Jim Walter Resources as a Production Foreman and I plan on starting an MBA program within four years of graduation. I have really liked how all the mining professors are very helpful and approachable. 

Spencer, Withers - My future plans are to work in the underground mine development field. That is: excavating shafts and tunnels, underground construction, and constructing surface infrastructure to support underground mines.
To that end, I have accepted a job with Cementation USA, the US component of the worldwide Cementation mine contracting group, to train as a shaft engineer at Resolution Copper in Superior, Arizona.
I have many favorite things about the department. We have great, knowledgeable professors who take a real interest in furthering our learning and career development. There is also a lot of camaraderie among the students. Studying mining at the U has been a great experience. I might add that not every department has someone like Pam, who has added to the great experience.

Nic Yarrington - I will have a Summer internship with Kennecott, followed by one more semester of school in the fall. I will graduate in December 2014. My favorite part about the department is I the comradery of the students and staff.